We all know what life is like; at times amazing and other times really hard. Life comes with grief and loss; moments when things just aren’t going the way we thought they would.  Moments like these can be confusing and disorienting.

Our team of clinicians understand moments like these.  We know how to help, and we believe in the power of relationships. Working together, we can help you bring joy, passion, and creativity back into your life.



The foundation of therapy is the individual person and the therapeutic relationship. We start there. In this we seek a genuine encounter that is relational, educational, and fresh... one that motivates you for growth and change. 


Child-Centered THERAPY

In our work with children, we create a safe space where children can work hard through play and other activities. In therapy, children experience an empowered sense of self and understanding of their significance.



Relationship counseling is all about learning: learning who I am, who you are, and who we are together. We learn about the patterns and how to shift  -  to communicate more effectively, connect more deeply, and be ourselves more fully.



Single day, multi-day, and extended session learning experiences are vital for continuing the process towards doing life well. Our experiential events are powerful and informative. 



Individual Counseling


Deep down, we all have a natural impulse to feel and be okay. At times this helps us and at other times it can hurt us.

When we seek to understand ourselves things begin to change.

In individual counseling we seek to process life with you; the joy, the stress, and the deep meanings. And we want to help you figure it all out. 

Individual counseling is an act of courage and self-advocacy, and as such, we honor you and your process. Our number one goal is to provide a safe relationship and environment for you. And we know how to do that.

From the moment you walk through our doors you will get the sense that:  we really get you, we understand where you want to go, and we know how to help you get there...


Child-Centered Therapy and Play Therapy

"Play is a child’s work and it is not trivial pursuit” - Alfred Adler

By their very nature, children wear their emotions on their sleeves. And often their expressions and struggles are intense and complex. Kids speak a different language than adults: play and metaphor are basic to a child's expression and a vital component to child-centered therapy.

Play therapy is hard work and it’s a necessary work for many children. Through play, children safely express the events that have occurred in their life in order to make sense of those life events. In many ways, what happens in childhood shapes the entire course of a life. And thus, play therapy is an instrumental tool in reshaping a child’s experience to something more true and healthy.

We see children as people in process. We uphold that a child’s work is located in the larger realm of family and other social figures of authority. What we are saying here is that parents can expect to be actively involved in the process of play therapy, including joining in play therapy sessions with their kids as well as participating in parent coaching sessions with their therapist. This is simply the best way to do child-centered therapy.


Relationship, Couples, and Marriage Counseling


Intimate relationships challenge us in ways other relationships don't. In our closest relationships there seems to be more at risk - more to fear. And fear is in direct opposition to love. Not that we aren't all afraid... we are. How we address our fear, though, is key.

Vulnerability and transparency are the pathways to aliveness in relationship; without these so much can go wrong.

In relationship counseling, it is so important for the therapist to align with the couple and each individual in the relationship. Once we do this we then begin to work with patterns and cycles, navigating fear and love in the relationship. 

Regardless of the stage of relationship you are in, there is a wonderful opportunity in front of you for growth. If you are interested in creating the relationship you really want, this is a great place to get resourced!


We offer various group experiences and workshops on a regular basis. Group therapy and workshop-type experiences can be a powerful and unique way to enter into the therapeutic process or continue forward.