5 Tips for Singles Who Want to Enjoy Valentine's Day

As much as we don’t want to admit it, it can be devastatingly difficult to spend Valentine’s Day alone. The fact that this “day for lovers” comes so quickly after the holidays and New Year’s doesn’t make it any easier; for some people, November through February is nothing more than a long span of feeling lonely. But not only is it possible for singles to enjoy Valentine’s day, it is possible for them to have the time of their lives. We hope our tips will inspire you to take control of your Valentine’s Day and make it one of the best days of the year.

1. Have a Plan

The best way to attack Valentine’s Day is to have a plan in place. If you don’t want to put up with seeing all your co-workers receiving flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals all day, treat yourself to a day off. If you’re invited to a party, attend with your best single friend and make a conscious decision to enjoy yourself. No matter how you decide to spend the day, make a plan and stick to it so you can be in control of your day and your responses to it.

2. Celebrate Your Status as a Single Person

Being single is not the worst thing in the world... by any stretch of the imagination. Before you leave home in the morning, take some time to reflect on the benefits of being single. Brainstorm the reasons that being single is awesome, and write them down so you can refer to them if you start to feel lonely later in the day. Some people love that they can walk around their home in their underwear all day, some people love that they can drink milk out of the carton, and some people love that they can live on their own terms.

While you’re at it, you may want to think about your past relationships and list the reasons you’re glad those people are not in your life anymore. A good soul-searching will help you face the day full of confidence and power.

3. Organize a Secret Admirer Gift Exchange

Just because you don’t have a Valentine doesn’t mean that you can’t give valentines to others. Get your single friends together and organize a secret admirer gift exchange just like a secret Santa exchange. Draw names, pick a dollar amount, and have fun making one another smile with small trinkets, chocolates, flowers, movie tickets, coffee gift cards, and anything else that will make someone feel special. Making other people happy on Valentine’s Day can make you feel better than you do when you receive your gift from your secret admirer.

4. Do Something for Yourself

You can take this tip in any one of nearly a million different directions, but make sure the goal of doing something for yourself is at the center of your day. If you’ve been meaning to clean out your closet, do it. If you’ve been wanting a massage forever, get one. Give yourself permission to be indulgent and go a little overboard today because you deserve it.

5. Brighten Someone Else’s Day

If you want to spread love in a different way on Valentine’s Day, consider volunteering or taking treats to an assisted living facility. Many elderly residents are lonely every day, and Valentine’s Day isn’t any different. You may want to take a few houseplants to residents, deliver small cookies, or spend time talking with residents whose family members do not visit often. If you brighten someone else’s day, you’ll find that your Valentine’s Day gets a whole lot brighter too.

One thing you don’t want to do on Valentine’s Day is cope in unhealthy ways. Yes, you can eat a few extra pieces of chocolate or go out for a delicious dinner at a high-priced restaurant with a friend. But, you should not plan to drown your sorrows in alcohol or make destructive decisions if you struggle with depression and loneliness on Valentine’s Day. If you have a plan and keep yourself busy with a personal celebration, a secret admirer gift exchange, treats for yourself, or visits to others on Valentine’s Day, you’ll enjoy your day more than you thought possible.

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