At Foundations our therapists offer many unique and timely interventions for specific issues and areas of need. Some of these areas include: 

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Trauma and Abuse 

Grief and Loss


Spirituality and Faith

Anxiety and Depression

Early Childhood 


Parent Coaching

Divorce Care

Couples Therapy (including pre-marital)

Family Therapy



Anxiety and Depression are normal.

They are normal experiences of all persons yet at times what happens to you in this very functional process can feel like a rollercoaster of the worst kind.

When our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls are functioning well together you'd never notice the cycle of anxiety and depression; but, when something goes wrong or an aspect of who you are is negatively impacted, the severity of anxiety and depression which you experience can be debilitating.

In our attempts to help here we seek to uphold the unique and multifaceted person that you are and in this place begin a process of healing and restoration of your true-self: heart, mind, body and soul, dealing directly with your unique needs and desires as they relate to what it means to be an embodied person struggling with a sense of balance and okay-ness.

In issues of anxiety and depression we want to help dismantle the cycle of pain and help you know that you can be okay and will be.

Healing from the hurts of life is a difficult thing. Life is beautiful and it is also incredibly painful. 
The extent of human and personal suffering at times seem to know no bounds and the amount of pain one life can go through is mind boggling.
In trauma and abuse counseling we seek to invite you on a journey of true healing and change. We believe and know that healing and change are possible and that if you are willing you will experience freedom and a new sense of yourself.  
In counseling around issues of trauma and abuse we uphold that each individual story is important and that the things shared and processed in this space will be extremely challenging but if we work together, if we walk together we will be okay. In order to do this we first and foremost establish trust, safety, and respect. From there we move onward into the depths of what has happened and find out together what is there for us to discover and heal.
We look forward to the opportunity of serving and getting to know you in this process. We hope that what was said here invites at least a spark of hope in you that your story matters and that it can make sense and feel okay again.

All of life involves change and in every change is loss.

Yet often times we don't have the space or time in our lives and worlds to truly grieve all the losses one life can endure; and, the amount of losses can be staggering.

Whether it be through death or transition, hardship or opportunity, grief comes to us in many ways.

We want to help. Grief is vital to life and to a life well lived. It is so important and we are here to walk with you in that process. To explore and wait, to process and observe with a sense of reverence all that you are and all that your life means now holding space for what hurts and what has been lost.

We as people are wired for addiction! 

I know that sounds outrageous but its true. The way you are made is prone towards growth, healing, and connection. 

We are wired for addiction because we are wired for attachment and connection to others. We as people thrive when we are safe, known, and hopeful; its in our makeup and hardwiring. And thus, we are wired for addiction.

In navigating addictive issues and tendencies we are here to help you get your life back and to revive a sense of safety, connection, and hope in your life. This is a process, one that can take time and yet one that can progress in profound ways, helping you find freedom and confidence as you get control and purpose back in your life.

Life is sacred and all of life is meaningful; for all its worth, dark and light, beautiful and painful. Life is a journey and a process towards something and 'someone'. In this process there is great potential for growth and abundance.
In counseling from a spiritually minded perspective we seek to operate in a manner consistent with what it means to be human, understanding that at a foundational level we deeply long for intimate and genuine connection.
In counseling issues of spirituality and faith we work towards creating a open space where exploration and reverence are key. In this space we seek to ask genuine questions, provide challenging thoughts, encourage depth and insight, and seek to motivate change.
Our counselors come from different walks of life and different faith backgrounds
In counseling around issues of spirituality and faith we utilize numerous modalities and perspectives.
We look forward to walking with you in this process and hope that through it growth, healing, and joy will come.


Early Childhood is a pivotal time in the life of every person.

Recent research has begun to comment on the massive significance of the first 3 to 5 years of life stating that what happens here can and will determine the trajectory of the rest of life.

In Early Childhood therapy, a Child-Centered specialization, we seek to evaluate and support the building blocks being laid in the formation of your child's life. In this we seek to support healthy and whole-hearted development, teaching, guiding, and helping to heal.

Early Childhood therapy and intervention runs in the same family as Child-Centered therapy and Play therapy yet if offers a unique developmental approach that also include a significant amount of parent coaching and education to help support the overall process. A primary goal here is to make the primary 'attachment' figures, you, the main source of love, support, and guidance, so that your child will know beyond a shadow of a doubt despite whatever the odds or circumstance, that love is real and life something full of hope and wonder.


Parent Coaching is a collaborative effort in which we seek to support, teach, and develop you as a parent.

Often times parent coaching happens on its own for parents wanting to grow and develop into the best parents they can be. Other times parent coaching is initiated by the fact the your little one or even your adolescent needs and/or is getting help. 

In parent coaching we seek to help your learn how to parent well and to help you relax into your own natural strengths as a unique individual or as a parent team whom/which has much to offer your child.

Parent coaching can be a dynamic experience where you and the therapist really get into all the little details and struggles, trying to make sense of the nuances and difficulties of what it means to help raise another human being and in this process there is grace. 

The stage of life in and around the adolescent years is one intense and crazy time to be a person, and/or to be a parent. 

In this time of life there is so much happening and so much that can. 

The internal world of the adolescent is ever shifting and changing and in our work with teens, pre-teens, and young adults we seek to help this season of life be one that shifts and changes for the best.

If you are an adolescent then you may know the intensity of what change and ups and downs that we are talking about. If you are a parent you may see that very well also. 

In counseling we seek to help bring perspective, support, and guidance to this dynamic time of life. We want you (or your child) to move in to the teenage years and adult years from a place of strength and sometimes that takes a lot of work. There are so many voices and things that want to influence and direct the life of an adolescent and we want to make sure those internal and external things are understood and navigated with intention.

Whether its simply just a space to help you or your child during this decade of development or whether its a more pressing issue we are here to help, support, teach, guide, and celebrate with you your becoming.


Family therapy is a dynamic and full experience. 

In Family therapy we seek to engage each person as they uniquely contribute to and play a role in your family as a system. When we say system we are thinking much like what it sounds like: a machine and organism of sorts, a complicated interworking thing. 

Families have lives of all their own. Each person plays a crucial part in making sense of not only the experience of the family as a whole, a system, but also the manner in which that system affects each person.

We want your family to thrive. Family therapy seeks to help each person, each connection and each relationship as they all intermingle together forming something new and complex - a family.  

Divorce care is a process.

In this we seek to provide a safe place for you, and others connected to you, in the aftermath of the process of divorce.

Divorce is never a simple and pleasant experience, even in the most cordial cases we are torn at our core and left with many questions and unresolved issues that we seem to somehow be stuck with. In the aftermath of divorce, no matter how hard we may have tried and no matter how well may even have done, we seem to be left with no guarantee as to what is next or who we now are.

As a result, in the wake of the loss, we can find ourselves hurt and conflicted, longing and hoping for what we are not quite sure of.

Here in this space we want to help. We want to walk with you through the process of rebuilding and restoring what was lost, and even at times what was destroyed.

None of us ever get married in hopes to get divorced yet divorce in many cases is very common and at times necessary, yet the scars remain. Let us help with the pain and the affects of all that you have gone through and may Divorce Care be the start of your therapeutic journey, one in which you will learn, grow, and transform in ways that may be hard to even comprehend at this stage in your life.